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-Bigadv Users Must Upgrade Client Now !!


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Feb 19, 2008
Aylmer QC.
This was already posted by CoreX5 in another thread but I wanted to make sure everybody saw this.

Stanford is shutting down -bigadv on the A3 core within the next day, all future -bigadv wu's will use the new A5 core which requires the new 6.34 client and this includes any p6900 wu's sent out from now on.

All workunits started with the old client/core should complete normally.

This was posted today on Prof. Pandes blog; [email protected]: Introduction of a new SMP core, changes to bigadv

We have recently launched a new core type for bigadv work units. We're forking A5 off from our A3 core to make a core that specializes in bigadv workunits. In particular, new A3 and A4 cores use more RAM per thread which makes large-memory calculations very memory inefficient in those cores. A5 does not have this issue and looks to be a good general fix for big RAM (eg bigadv) calculations.

However, to be able to use the new A5 core, one needs to use an updated client: 6.34 or later.

We are shutting down A3 bigadv in the next day, so please update your clients if you wish to continue running bigadv work units (to be clear, all issued A3 bigadv work units will be accepted until their deadlines. We are terminating new bigadv work unit assigns). Older clients will be redirected to standard A3 SMP work units; the switchover will allow us to push an update to the standard A3 core and release a large number of new A3 work units that have been in early testing.
New client available from the high performance download page: [email protected] - DownloadWinOther


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Mar 23, 2007
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Good to know, I just manually put 6.34 in my 3 bigadv machines that use the "tracker" didnt want to rely on it automajicaly updating.
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