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bit-tech's gaming mouse group test



"With Christmas just around the corner, many of you will be anticipating a new mega piece of hardware falling down the chimney, hoping to turn your computer from a lumbering chug machine into a high performance beast. For some, however, Santa's elves are likely to be more modest.

Dry your crying eyes though; there are other ways to enhance your gaming experience, on a budget, in the run up to the birth of baby Jesus.

Today we take a look at a group of gaming mice to work out whether: a) it’s worth forking out your hard earned cash on a new one and b) whether there really is a ‘best’ gaming mouse. We’ll be taking a look at four of the newer mice models as well as one golden oldie (to see if it can still hang with the new kids on the block).

So what mice will we be looking at? We’ll be considering the explosion of colour that is the Saitek GM3200; the old stalwart of the wireless gamer the MX 1000; the Razer Krait designed for RTS’ers; the small but powerful Logitech G3 and finally Creative Fatal1ty's 1010 pro-gamer mouse. It’s a broad range of mice that all aim to fill slightly different niches."

More @ Bit-Tech

Just because Grover needs a new mouse.


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Oct 2, 2006
That's the first review i've seen with a Fatal1ty product that the reviewer hasn't completely trashed. Maybe you should look at getting that mouse?:) It looks like it would take a little getting used to though due to it's small size.


I'm convinced that Logitech has an evil engineering department. They must have designed the G7 and the G5 just to get you to buy a new mouse when the next gen comes out because they're probably going to add the simple feature of a forward button on the side :(

Interesting review, but I'm completely stuck on the shaped Logitech mice. They've made me into a Logitech zombie.