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BitFenix AEGIS mATX Case Review


HWC YouTube Reviewer
Jul 13, 2011
Toronto, Canada
BitFenix AEGIS is an exciting watercooling-optimized mATX chassis that could become the next signature release from the company. It’s vibrant color options may not suit everyone’s pallet but we appreciate the different approach BitFenix has taken with this $119 case for a more traditional gaming appeal.

<iframe width="720" height="405" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/x3aO3Ywpi0g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​

The addition of the BitFenix ICON 2.8” display on the front panel allows you to drag and drop a JPG file to customize the front face. As a concept it is fun and interesting, but requires further perfection as aside from showing images with limited viewing angles, no brightness control and poor colors, lacks any real applications. The source code is open for developers to tinker with what to display, but until we see a proper UI to roll out for temperature showcase or hardware usage etc, the BitFenix ICON will be nothing more than an idea waiting to prosper. Those not liking the ICON display can save some cash and look into the AEGIS Core model with a simple BitFenix logo embedded into the bottom portion of front panel.


With this release BitFenix is not afraid to push the boundaries of what we would consider an appropriate size frame for a mATX build. The AEGIS does not compromise on giving users ample of space to work with internally, while maximizing modularity and flexibility for multi-purpose builds.

The front frame is designed to support triple 120mm or dual 140mm fans with push-pull prospects and radiators up to 360mm. The top can support dual 120/140mm fans with space for a 240/280mm radiator underneath with fully dust proof design. We only wish the plastic top frame was more open as otherwise half the airflow is sent back inside as the top cover thins out approaching the rear of the case.


We love the modular drive cage design BitFenix has implemented here with support for 4 x 3.5” drives and separate 4 x 2.5” drives allowing flexible storage options. The bottom drive cage can be relocated closer to the front panel (default position) to accommodate for long power supply units with extra space for exiting cables, or the cage can be moved closer to the PSU for front radiator support. Furthermore top SSD & HDD cages are removable for extra radiator clearance either for top or front installation.


Interior cable management hits all the right places with grommeted cutouts around the motherboard, although they could be wider and stiffer so the grommets don’t constantly fall out during assembly. The PSU shroud is a welcome addition, this is the first time we see one on a BitFenix chassis and working with low profile PSU cables turned into a seamless and quick clean up.


BitFenix AEGIS turned into an excellent mATX watercooled build with so much more potential. It’s important to repeat how much we want BitFenix to polish up the annoyances with some drive mounts, weak magnets on the dust filters and create a less restrictive top plastic panel, as this could become one of the most popular mATX on the market. The direction seems prosperous as they are taking cues from the community on what works and what doesn’t, giving BitFenix no excuses to mess up on features that we need to see.


We also would love a more elegant iteration of the AEGIS to hit the market to cover a larger user base because the interior design works, but you might not agree with the flashy vibrant gaming-centric exterior.

Our full video review is above.
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