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Bjorn 3D compares Dark Power PRO 850W and Thermaltake Toughpower 850W


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
Alot of talk about power supplies these days with the thirsty GPU that are breeding like rabbits-- This comparative review is fairly well done although testing was only done with a multimeter.


Before I start I'd like to thank Listan and Thermaltake for providing these high-end Dark Power and Toughpower samples for us to test.

As time passes by, computer components require more power to properly operate. Of course, die shrinks and advanced integrated circuitry can slow this whole process down, but it's a no brainer that companies fight through to provide most efficient and stable power supplies. I don't think anybody will doubt the fact that PSUs are one of the most important parts of a computer -- be it a workstation, gaming rig or a server.

In summer 2006 I've reviewed a high-end PSU from Thermaltake; nonmodular Toughpower 750W. Just about two months ago we've been given an opportunity to check out two power supplies from Listan; be quiet! Straight Power 450W and 600W. Today we make a comeback and bring you high-wattage juice makers from both Listan and Thermaltake. These two are definitely not your regular power supplies you'd use for your grandmothers' computer. Although you can already buy 1.2kW (1200W) power supplies these 850W generators can take everything you throw at them -- it just a matter how stable they are."

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