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Blue screen at windows startup

- Xeno -

Oct 25, 2016
So today I attempted to overclock my cpu following a guide and I started off by doing small changes as recommended, but those small changes was enough to give me a blue screen when windows tried to boot up. I then went back into bios to restore everything back to defaults and set my boot harddrive to the one windows is installed and saved it, I was still getting the blue screen. Did i miss something? Or did the small changes simply blew up my cpu? Help would be much appreciated!


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Please don't create more than one thread on the same subject. The reason you didn't get a response to the first one is that there isn't a simple answer without having hands on.

What specific guide?

It's possible that your OS borked itself and needs to be re-installed, but depending on the hardware it's also possible that something in the bios has flipped and needs to be reset. When you set your bios to defaults, did you do the settings manually, or did you select your bios' "default/optimize" settings?

One of the settings that can do this is the ahci/raid settings (more typically seen as an issue on laptops).

Other than that... if you can't get it back up you can always try a fresh install of your OS.
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