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Blue screen keeping me out of windows.


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May 7, 2008
Calgary, AB

This happened to me yesterday too.. I will install all of the updates after I install windows XP x64, put on some programs and everything is jolly. Yesterday it was after I installed nero 7 ultra, then rebooted and couldn't get back into windows. This time, I did install nero 7 ultra and it rebooted fine. So I turned my PC off for overnight... go to power it up today.. BAM, blue screen, no windows for me.. Yesterday I just did the repair install of windows (instead of hitting ESC to put fresh windows on, hit R... it's pretty much a re-install but keeps your crap, still had to get all updates)

It loads the Windows XP x64 edition screen, then goes black for a second, then about a milisecond of blue screen (super fast) and then restarts..

I don't know what the hell is going on, I didn't change anything in the BIOS from last night when it was rebooting fine, now all of the sudden it's borked again..

My XP disk is SP1, I might have installed some stuff on SP1 before the SP2 update, maybe that is screwing me?

ASUS P6T deluxe BIOS Version 1102
2 GB kingston 1366MHz (my g skill kit will be in today)
All other specs in sig. (well, my RAID 0 didn't work)

OS is on the 640GB drive.

I want to wait till my RAM gets here before I re-install again... that might help.

OH, and I'm also getting a CPU Over voltage error. Everything is on auto, but after that I set CPU Voltage to 1.1v. It's still doing it. :doh:

Anyone with the P6T Deluxe care to offer me thier settings?

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