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Bluetooth amp/receiver


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Feb 7, 2019
So I have a cheap 2 channel Bluetooth amp/receiver in the garage and for its purpose it actually works quite well.

(Not this exact unit but there are dozens exactly like this)

I'd like to do something similar in the kitchen but I have a little bit more functionality in mind. Years ago I had a JVC unit that had A/B toggle, I'd like to find something similar but in a small package like above. I'd also like more than 2 channels.

I have 5.0 with of pioneer speakers that I'd like to rig up in the kitchen (if I can) and I have 2.0 worth of outdoor polk speakers and I'd like to be able to toggle between them thus the A/B support.

Lots of more expensive units support this but I'd like to stay on the cheaper side since the kitchen will eventually go through a major overhaul and I can do something more purposeful then.

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