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Bottle neck?


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May 24, 2010
mate just get a new quad core chip with 3ghz stock speed and 4gb ddr3 .


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Feb 12, 2011
Saint John, NB
Similar scenario,only I'm running the 9650 Phenom quad & 4gb ram, ya it's old, my whole system is. So, I was thinking of the GTX560Ti to breath some new life into it (replace an 8800gt), but like the op, would I be fooling myself and better to build a new system?

I don't know much about o/c so that's not really what I wanted to do but seeing as it's near the end of life of this cpu and mobo, if I don't have a buyer for it I could try squeezing a few more mhz out of the quad.
AMD CPUs and SC2 don't play nice. My secondary SC machine that I use when my friends are over for a LAN party is a Phenom II X4 940 (3.4GHz) + Radeon 6870, and I just decided to replace the CPU and motherboard with a 2500K because I am tired of the lackluster performance. It's always playable but never what I'd consider really fast and responsive.

Starcraft demands a powerful CPU if you want smooth FPS and all the effects turned up. A 560 would allow you to turn up all the GPU-dependent graphics options, but you'd be seriously bottlenecked by that CPU. If you play a lot of SC, I'd say saving up for a whole new PC is the best idea. I'm an AMD fanboy at heart, but I've been forced over to Intel for my last two builds because AMD can't compete in Starcraft performance... hopefully BD will turn things around.