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Broken audio on motherboard?


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Jul 19, 2014
I purchased a motherboard way back in 2012 and built a system around it and gave it to my father to use. My father used an USB audio headset and never bothered to use the onboard sound card.

Now he has moved onto a different PC and now I have it to reuse or sell. I set it up with a fresh install of windows and encounter no sound coming from the onboard audio ports.

I take the motherboard out and see this near the onboard audio chipset (Realtek ALC892): 2 images 1: original 2: RED outline of extra SMD 33-ohm resistor (not capacitor) out of place. I checked online for a picture of the motherboard and it looks like this maybe a mistake. I am out of the warranty period so whatever now ... I should've tested everything first before giving it to my dad :blarg:. I am surprised how this got soldered in there during manufacturing.

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