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Build completed with a little help from my friends


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Apr 7, 2009
Stewiacke, Nova Scotia
Well here it is the finished project that couldn't have happened without the good people if HWC!

Here is a group shot of the gear donated by some of the members. This computer went to a deserving family, those who helped know the details. Thanks to all the emails and PM's from folks supporting the cause. The amount of gear I had to turn away was a big surprise, I probably could have built 3-4 computers if I took it all, lol. The generosity of this crew is outstanding.

The Logitech keyboard, mouse and ATI 4650 were donated by HalifaxPete and very cool gentleman who I had the pleasure of chatting up when he dropped off the gear. The Thermal take PSU was purchased brand new and shipped to me by Encorp and it fit the bill perfectly. The 3 74GB Raptors were donated by Shaw, Gingerbee and Zelee. Also notable was the HWC Black Anodized fan grill sent as a surprise by Zelee really tops off the build. I supplied the Motherboard, RAM, Thermaltake Case, AMD Processor and DVD drives, and a copy of Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

I have to apologize for the pictures as I have no idea how to resize or how to separate them so they are all just in a row. You'll see a few pictures of the case which is a great case to use for budget build, but thank god it's not windowed, because wire managment is non-exsitent. The drive bays have sort of foam that is part dust screen part sound isolation. They are also of the twist and break out varitey. There is a cutout behind the processor which is great for swapping out HSF and the interior is painted black which was a surprise at that price point. Think I only paid 50 dollars after shipping and taxes. Great case I will definately buy again for a budget build. Besides the case the build was pretty straight forward no major challenges. Orignally I was going to use the 4850 video card but the power supply didn't come with a PCI power connection that the card needed or so I thought. It was a good thing HalifaxPete had the 4650 which is powered by the PCI slot. Of note however it wasn't until after I delivered the system that I found the molex to PCI adapter that was included with the PSU but my son ran away with it so I didn't think it came with one lol. :doh:

This was a great experience and it was a great build. You've all helped improve this family's quality of life, especially for the children.



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May 27, 2009
Really great to see a community pull together to be able to do this and help a family in need.


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Jul 10, 2009
Halifax, NS
That build looks awesome!

Any of my family or friends would be happy with the specs and performance of this build.

I am happy that my contribution was useful.

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