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Building my first computer, need some opinions...


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May 7, 2008
I would be interested what system you built with ATI that cost $200 more considering any current Intel board with a pair of CF 4850's could compete with a single card GTX 280. That said it's a solid card the only shortfall is the limited amount of Mobo's you can get to support SLI and if SLI isnt in the cards for you then definetly get an Intel Chipset board. I would get the MX2 thermal paste instead and if you are getting an aftermarket performance HSF then definetly get a bolt through kit that extra weight can pull the HSF down and lower the contact pressure on half of your cpu which elimates and benefit of a larger HSF. With that said I wouldnt touch the Sythe if I had the option they work and they are big but the performance isnt on par compared to the Vendetta 2 or Ultra 120. Computer Cases are very often based on personal preferance, The Antec 1200 has one 140mm fan and about 5 120mm fans which is greatand it is painted black inside which is quite nice. The Haf 932 has 2 140mm fans and one 120mm fan so it will be quieter.