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built my pc but only the mb works..


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Apr 28, 2008
well i just chked the connections again... i changed the 8 pin on the card to the pci exp since i thought that it should go in.. i thought only 1 was needed.. also i changed the 8 pin for the cpu.. so i think it should be fine... then i tested it turned on. yay. but it was a black screen. then i turn it off and take out the ram so that its single channel. then i turned it on and it went to the bios.. then after i restarted to add my second 1 for dual... then it didnt turn on.. i think it either got to hot but it was weird... then it cant get to the bios but it can turn on.. also the dvd drive doesnt work so i cant install windows 7.. so wat now???
can install win7 from usb..


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Mar 19, 2010
ok well... it works fine now but the dvd drive still doesnt turn on... which is irritating. let me chk if i wired it right again and then ill see if anything is wrong.. ty.

jay: so how do u do that? u mean with an external dvd drive???
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