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Bulldozer Overclocking.


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Jan 7, 2012
Hey, I've been messing around with my AMD FX-8150 for a while now and I wanna know what the best way to overclock it is. At the moment it has a frequency of 250MHz and the multiplier is x16 (4GHz), voltage is about 1.3V, is this a good setup? It used to have a frequency of 230MHz with a multiplier of x17.5 for the same speed, but I don't know what's best increase, multiplier or frequency? Any idea what the best setup for it is? And if you own this CPU, what are your speeds etc?

P.S, Using the stock cooler, So I'm very reluctant to go over 4.2 GHz. (Until I eventually buy an aftermarket one obvously :D )

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