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Buying games as gifts.


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Aug 8, 2011
Vancouver, BC
But its thoughtless. You are not really trying if you give gift cards and cash.
You are not wrong. People like me don't tolerate BS from other people. I'm not going to sit and listen to other people whine about "oh you don't get me" or pretend to like the gift when they really hate it. If I gift something to someone and they don't like it then it's a waste of money and resources. I can't read minds and I don't like playing stupid mind games. If I'm thoughtless for not putting myself in mental distress to decode other people's BS then the other person is equally thoughtless for messing with those around them. How about we save each other the stress and BS and just tell people what each of us want?

I already told my friends, I don't want gifts that I can't eat, drink, or spend. Don't even get me a thank you card, that's a waste of money and resources and end up collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. If they want to thank me, make me cookies or buy me a beer.

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