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California (and some other states) has banned high end gaming PC's!


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Jul 28, 2021
Gaming machines are basically exempt from this and a lot of people are over reacting. The Jayztwocents video linked above does a really good job of explaining it in better detail.

Basically if it has something like a 600+ PSU and a good enough GPU it is exempt.

It also only applies to system integrators not home built.

This main seems to target office machines more than anything and it has to do with sleep power states. Think of how many office computers are asleep in an office tower 16+ hours a day. The less expandable the machine the tighter the restrictions. Tiny 1 off dell desktops that can't even add a sound card in these office towers are more heavily restricted than anything else. Laptop are also more heavily restricted due to their low expandability.

This is where the push for ATX12VO also came from because it is a large leap in sleep state power efficiency.
Thanks for the better elaboration on this!

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