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Can AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series REALLY Compete? - 7600X 7700X Benchmarked!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD. We’re 3 days away from the company announcing the Ryzen 7000 series of CPUs. Not the release, just the announcement. But just like every other product, the leaks are starting to get good.

Honestly, the Ryzen 7000 series was probably the most well-guarded CPU family since AMD started Ryzen, Like I had no clue what kind of raw performance to expect. I always had to extrapolate from AMD's information. Now though, we got some alleged leaks on the mid-range CPUs. The 7600X and 7700X and boy is there a huge leap forward. The only issue is, is it big enough to beat raptor lake? Let’s check it out!

The first bit of information comes from Greymon55 over on Twitter, and what we have is essentially Cinebench R23 scores. In single-threaded workloads, the 6 core 7600X would score Just above 1900 points. The 8 core 7700X on the other hand would score just above 2000 points. These are about 25% faster than the 8-core Ryzen 5800X. That’s pretty impressive

That means the midrange Ryzen 7000 CPU’s are about as fast as the fastest Alder lake processor in single-threaded workloads. Then though, we have the multi-core score. And here, it's not as impressive. The 7600X allegedly scores around 15 100 points. It's a heck of a lot higher than its predecessor, but it does fail to beat its alder lake counterpart. The 10 cores 12600K. The intel chip beats the 7600X by about 15%.


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Apr 22, 2017
So you are comparing a 7600X 6 core processor to an 12600K 10 core processor and only a 15% difference. Not bad I would say, but no mention on how the 7700X 8 core compared.


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Apr 22, 2011
The Alderlake 12600k had the efficient cores deactivated in this benchmark? Are we sure it's an apples-to-apples comparison? 15% over the previous gen Zen3 at the same clocks seems kinda the norm, kept from the days of Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge to Haswell, people were kinda expecting that. We could probably add a 7-8% in plus due to higher clocks as well, so a good 20% over previous generation is actually very good!
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