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Can You Solve this Trouble about DRV8801PWP


New member
Jun 15, 2017

I met some troubles about DRV8801PWP, could you help me out or give me some advice?
DRV8801PWP DMOS Full-Bridge Motor Drivers, it’s normal when in ballast. The voltage in two sides of machine is just about 12.97V.
However,the machine can’t operate when loading and the voltage is down to 6V. Then,I am considering to add a 12V battery in two ports of machine directly. It can drive load normally. The current,however,is just about 100mA which is less than rated current.According to the datasheet of DRV8801PWP, its capable of peak output currents up to -2.8A/2.8A and operating voltages up to 36V. Two values of current have a big differences!
The circuit refference is same as the evaluation board’s.
What is the source if I want to solve this troubles? How to solve?
Thank you in advance.

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