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Cannabis thread?


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Dec 15, 2007
Post stuff related to cannabis?
Some trichome testing of my 2 girls. Still lots of room for growth, not enough amber for my liking.
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Yup too clear still.

BTW Dan When you get within 3 weeks or so of starting the next batch into bloom hit me up. (I don't login much but will reply as soon as I do) And I will send you out some nuts for your next bloom. I buy 4 liter jugs so a good 250ml per addin should do you just fine for a cycle.


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Oct 3, 2007
Aldergrove British Columbia
No I definitely quit for good. It had a huge negative impact on my productivity.
I quite many years ago when hydro started and all the of it turned into basically the same high for instance I was basically watching over ( policing) approximates 60 different crop locations with hundreds of plans some in underground 45 foot trailers allot of it was hash pot and even though allot of the weed looked different and had different names the high was the same not look in the old timers days where you could get weed the was very high quility and had a very clean high now it is like instead of buying excellent quality whiskey you are buying moon shine which for me when it came to weed I liked the quality clean high not the make me a totally idiot high the weed like actual real Hawaiian was clean smelt like standing in the middle of a pine forest when you opened the bag and the buds were huge and light ( one bud dried was approximately 3-4 fingers wide and was considered 1/8 you only needed one toke and it for me made me focus and my thoughts we not all over the place I search for a long while through all of our crops and nothing was like that again even now with my nice all involved in this none of her or her Friends have that quality so I quit actually now I know I will never touch that crap again it isn't for me any more maybe if I stumble on that kind of quality but probably not

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