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Cannot Connect To Internet


Sep 16, 2007
My Internet was working fine untill I tried to set up my computer to allow my laptop to access the internet through it. Well after failing at getting my laptop to connect to the internet i shut it down and disconnected it from my computer but then i couldnt connect to the internet on my computer either. At first it had an error saying there was an IP conflict or something like that, so i reset my router and the settings on my computer and it shows that everything is all good and that i am sending and recieving information but everytime i try to view a website ot start World Of Warcraft or any application that attempts to connect to the internet windows says the program has stopped working. The only way I got onto the internet was by going to the Controll Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Internet Options > Connections and under the Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings selecting add then browse the internet. For some reason that works but i still cannot use any online applications. Oh and I'm running windows vista.

Nevermind its fixed now just did a system restore.
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