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Can't boot to BIOS


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Jul 18, 2007
I remember I had that problem with my MSI mobo. The thing would just not start without a hard drive, be it IDE or SATA. The CPU fan would nudge a bit, so I knew it just refused to start for some strange reason.

I had pulled all other hardware pretty much as you did, and putting it all back in place; I remember I had not wanted to put the HD back in because I just wanted to know it would work, and did not want it to boot at first.

So, it came to life when I plugged a hard drive in.

It's the damnedest thing: BIOS are different from one mobo to the next. My Asus A7N8X would beep for lack of hard drive, and I would at least get a message and be able to get into BIOS setup.


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Aug 28, 2007

I just stumbled across this thread whilst looking for other information on this board. I experanced this issue this morning whilst working on one of these boards.

It appears that it has the same issue as the 680i's when coupled with performance memory. When you power it the bios will default to it's default memory settings. If your using certain brands of memory (corsair does this a lot, but it does apply to other brands too) they sometimes require a little more juice than the default. This dosn't always manifest itself stright away and can happen after a random number of bios resets (wierd, but that's chipsets for you) but all the symptoms you have described match what i experianced this morning.

If you can find some generic memory that will run on a lower stock voltage, then boot off that and go into bios and raise you memory voltage up by a few notches ( i think the default is 1.80v and you need to be runnin about 2.00v) before saving and exiting then placeing your original memory back in.