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Case Pics


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Feb 13, 2008
Laval, Qc
Thanks peoples I really appreciate it.

Nicely done....you have to replace "home made" with "custom maple" ad a little smug effect...you know

You are right, I didn't even think of naming it. Because it is similar to the commercial "Tech station" that it was the only name that was in my head when making my post, but I'll take your suggestion into consideration for any future projects. Forgot to put "Tech station" it into quotation marks as well :biggrin:

Couple of questions....

Is that a "removable" motherboard tray, or did you cut it out of a case? It's certainly something that a lot of our members might be interested in trying.

I'm also curious about the card rack you've got there.... did you manufacture that yourself, or is it also part of a case.

Either way.... looks like a fully functional top deck testbed. Great job!!!

Motherboard tray was a removable one I found all by it's self in the garbage of a computer recycling place and yes, the rack is something I made myself... the rack was not lying around with the tray.

For those interested... go for it! A removable motherboard tray is all you need for a quick and simple build. All the wood is scrap pieces I had laying around, all I paid for was the aluminum for the card rack, the screws and rubber feet. All in all, around 10$ :biggrin:

What Northbridge cooler is that? Lanparty?

Yes, it is the Lanparty's northbridge cooler.


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May 31, 2007

I still have to install a couple more Noctua's, and I'm thinking since its so dark inside my case sitting on my desk that i might buy a red cold cathode or maybe a black light.
oh hell never though of putting the harddrives in that slot very clean"rearranges":whistle:

Eagle Eye

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Dec 27, 2007
Kleinburg, ON
Updated case pics

Well I added 2 new components and this is what my computer looks like now. The GTX 280 is impressive piece of hardware and all I need to compliment this sytem is a faster motherboard and cpu to untap the seemginly endless amount of power left in the GTX280. Looking down road I am looking for an alternative cooling device for the GTX280 while the stock works very well it gets pretty noisy during 3dgaming, possible and only solution seems to be the Thermalright HR03 GTX at this point and time. I am also looking at adding a soundcard and if anyone could shoot me some possible alternatives to creative products ie. HT Omega. I would like to know "your" personal experiences with the striker series and if it would offer any improvement over my SoundMAX integrated sound.

Thanks for taking a look :canadianwave:


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Apr 23, 2007
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Moved my system into a Cooler Master HAF 932. Gotta say, cable management isn't as easy as you'd think. :shok: :rofl:

Plenty of space for left over cables though.

Note: Kids, don't try this at home! Cigarettes are very dangerous and should only be handled by adults!

  • I did the cigarette test on the fans, they suck smoke in and blow smoke out good. :clap:
Beauty Shots:

LED lights on:

Back side clean & tidy:

Welp, that went fast. What now? Trade itin for a Thermaltake Spedo??










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Dec 9, 2006
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I like the fact that it's got a cutout for installing a cpu backplate, but the back of the motherboard tray looks like it doesn't have any room at all for cable management. Can you verify the distance from the case side to the back of the motherboard tray?


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Feb 10, 2008
Calgary, AB
Nice Litho..
Did you say Thermaltake... :shok: :censored::censored::angry2::angry2: :haha: :p..

C'mon spend some time, clean it up.. that is one hell of a case really.. :biggrin: