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Caselabs Apologizes to Thermaltake


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Jan 28, 2008
Markham, Ontario
I felt that with the Core series, Thermaltake was on the right track, but took a huge step back with the TT premium line and the Supressor F51 externally. It's never a good idea to copy another product aesthetically, as you lose any market cache and start to look like you are just peddling counterfeits.

There is a point when patents don't matter, that your target market won't accept your products because they are "me-too" products. As for the mesh design, TT could have used thicker metal with honeycomb patterns and charged an extra $10.00 a case, or used structural bends.

But I knew that KK from Caselabs would get into legal hot water with the copying accusations. He could have just re-counted the story and left it at that, and let the community decide. So I was waiting for the apology.

But for some reason even though I'm subscribed to HWC's youtube channel, I never saw that video until now. I think that was pretty well done, honestly.

If they have temporarily pulled their Premium W-series for now I think that is the right thing to do and can respect their ethics.

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Nov 21, 2013
Maryland (USA)
I believe, given the specific language of the letter, that Caselabs realized they goofed in calling out Thermaltake. Without trademarking/copyrighting(w/e...) the external aesthetic design of the cases, no case maker has ANY way to take legal action against another. As for patenting the functional(mostly internal) aspects of the cases, that would lead to a ridiculous amount of suits and counter-suits between virtually all the case designers on the planet.

So, while Thermaltake may have released cases that bear a striking resemblance to other makers designs, there is basically no way anybody could take any form of legal action.

Agreed, this letter was more of an apology from Case Labs about how they acted and said, and really had nothing to do with the actual case itself. People at Case Labs, as well as certain reviewers, when well beyond what they should have with their slander/liable of not only the company itself, but of people like Shannon, and even made statements that bordered on racism. If you look at the apology letter, there is section where they apologizes for the "acted as an Asian business with poor character and integrity." comment. Substitute any other "race" (Black, Hispanic, what ever) for the word "Asian" and you would have a complete PC fire storm brewing with comments like that.

Ultimately, Case Labs has to innovate and advance -OR- focus on things that Thermaltake can't do at that price point ... like have quality materials, superior customer support, and a variety of options.


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Feb 23, 2008
with internet and not protecting designs by watermarking photo's of your work is a start to ownership of intellectual property

the thieves think its public domain for no watermarks or trade/copyright mark

thieves ignore intellectual property

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