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CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 2 Follow-Up Revealed: Cyberpunk 2077


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
I suspect they just couldn't in CP2077. There's too many NPCs and too much detail and scenery. Adding lots of NPC actions, paths and behaviour would probably have broken the game even more at release.

The NPC density difference in Night City is so much higher than even the most dense sections of W3 I don't think you could have managed it even if they dropped X1 or PS4 support right off the bat.
Could be that issue, maybe console limitations, but not sure the main driver would have been technical limitations. There are lots of techniques to track what has to be active around a player position in games. They do it for graphics, audio, and AI routines. For example there is no point in having all that happen, and processing it, anywhere the player isn't. So that means the number interactions that have to play out and be calculated around a character for these types of things can remain fairly consistent. The rest of information is tracked in a much less processing intensive way and called on when needed.

Add to that ever improving algorithms for those things and ever more powerful platforms, again old consoles being a barrier, and it isn't an overwhelming task to do more of that in the game.

I would guess it had more to do with production timelines, budget, and what was deemed core gameplay than technical limitations, again, except for having to support old consoles as you guys have said.


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Jul 8, 2009
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After about 2 years to when I started playing and just as instantly shelved it due to the plethora of bugs, I've finally decided to actually do 1 playthrough and started playing a couple of weeks back. That said, I just don't know what choices I did wrong so that my best equipment ended up being these things. 😰
I'm still surprised they never formally added a transmog feature to CP2077. Most of the outfits look like something a crossbred between a broken highlighter and the fever dreams of a twitch streamer.

I literally stuck with either my corpo suit or samurai outfit for the entire game. I wasn't willing to have those hideous outfits show up everytime I went to the menu haha.