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CES 2011: More Cooler Master Storm Products & A New Water Cooler

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Apr 11, 2008
This year's CES was an exciting time for Cooler Master, as the company expands its CM Storm lineup with a new range of products while finally launching a new water cooling solution after years of absence.

CM Storm Enforcer

CM Storm is introducing a new mid-tower case that focuses on the unique aggressive design seen with the Scout and Sniper chassis. The CM Storm Enforcer Case takes some of the best of the CM HAF series, mixes it with features of the 690 II while featuring its own unique exterior design.



The new case will allow for the perpendicular or parallel rotation of the hard drive bays, offering exceptional cooling with a front 200mm fan, rear 120mm exhaust fan and the ability to install up to two top fans or house an internal 240mm radiator.

CM Storm Gaming Peripherals

Along with a new case, the CM Storm brand is expanding its line of gamer centric peripherals, including a new gaming mouse and surround sound headset.

The CM Storm Spawn gaming mouse hit the market during CES and is intended to be a modestly priced product with a shape for claw grip users. It has a 3500 DPI optical sensor as well as on the fly DPI adjustments and adjustable button assignments.


Rounding off this new lineup is the SIRIUS 5.1 Surround Sound Headset. Powered by four individual drivers, it offers some highly accurate audio for gaming, music and movies. The headset is connected via USB and also includes a desktop control module which allows for individual volume control of each channel. Cooler Master has included a secondary set of backup pleather ear cushions for better noise canceling.


Cooler Master A-L2 CPU Water Cooler

Veteran enthusiasts may remember how Cooler Master was one of the pioneers of the all-in-one water cooling solution with a product known as Aquagate early in the millennium. Unfortunately, while the device received good reviews it was arguably launched too early to be accepted as a viable and reliable cooling solution. The past few years have seen very similar solutions by competitors take off like wildfire and Cooler Master has now decided it is time to redesign a new, better water cooling solution.

The A-L2 (working codename) is a 120mm all-in-one CPU water cooling kit that features a much larger combined block and pump than we are used to but is capable of moving 450L/H. The claim is that it can facilitate better flow and thus improves cooling potential over its rivals.

Another unique feature is the design of the CPU block which uses a patent pending stacked copper fin design instead of the traditional micro-fin system. This design increases the contact area of the cooling liquid and will therefore be able to pull away more heat from the CPU.

Cooler Master is aiming for a release in the first quarter of 2011 and does intend on following it up with a dual 240mm radiator version as well.



While Cooler Master was able to display many of their new products publicly, some of the most exciting products for 2011 were hidden away behind closed doors that came with an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). However, as we reported at PAX 2010, you can expect "big" things from the company this year and of course Hardware Canucks will be there for the launch.

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