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Chartered Semi in talks to move AMD to higher tech


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
This sounds like it could be a good partnership for AMD- Within the space of about an hour this morning, AMD stocks jumped by 4%- I'm not sure how much this news has to do with it, but it can't hurt. HAHA...."brains"

"TAIPEI (Reuters) - Contract chip maker Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. to make chips with more advanced technology, Chartered Semi said on Wednesday.
AMD competes with Intel making advanced chips that form the central "brains" of each PC, and uses Chartered as one of its manufacturing partners.
Intel has fought back recently to take back market share gains made by AMD over the last few years, raising concerns about the potential for negative impact to Chartered's business.
Chartered now made chips for AMD using 65-nanometre technology, but was looking to move to even more advanced 45-nanometre technology in the partnership, said Chia Song Hwee, the Singapore-based company's president and chief executive.

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The smaller specification, which relates to the width of circuitry in chips, allows designers to create more powerful chips by packing more computing power into a given area.
"We are in discussion with (AMD), there's no firm agreement yet," Chia said at a Merrill Lynch technology conference in Taipei, referring to discussions to move to the 45-nanometre technology.
Chartered shares were unchanged in morning trading in Singapore."

From Reuters


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Feb 10, 2007
AMD is late getting to the 65nm game, but, they hope to be in range of intel when it comes to the 45nm cores. the big thing is having to find new materials to make things out of. so this could be a way for them to speed up their 45nm production schedule. partnerships will be key for AMD since they don't have the resources and fabricating abilities of Intel. AMD has been doing pretty good against that 800 pound Gorilla.