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Want to Sell Closet clean out. i5 2500. watercooling parts


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Nov 20, 2007
North Shore
Bunch of parts, a lot of parts are either new or used for only a few hours. Prices are OBO
Located in North Vancouver, local meetup/pickup available.

photos here: https://imgur.com/a/XIKBZKi

Darkside UV 4.1 LED light 12" with 3 pin passthrough cable: sold

Heatkiller IV (darkside edition) $75

Arctic 80mm PWM x 3 fans $10

Oyaide Sennheiser HD-25 cable $50

Logitech G502 brand new with hotline games skates $50

Intel i5 2500, Intel DQ67SW motherboard, 2x4GB Mushkin ddr3 Sold to TheDarklord

barrow DDC top and stock bottom with hardware (100mm) $25

barrow DDC top and bottom heatsink (100mm) $40

Watercooling fittings and flow indicator, take it all for $80
the four hardline compression fittings are 12mm
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