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Cold boot leads to either blue screen or "detecting drives..."


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Jul 8, 2009
Hi, I'm running a maximus iii formula with i5 750 and 850w m12d with 4gb ripjaws. Everything at stock settings.

Everytime I cold boot after some hours of the system being off, the system will get stuck at "Detecting drives..." forever, or sometimes when it actually does manage to sloooowly boot into windows, it will blue screen once I try to load something.

What I often do is, when it is stuck at the "Detecting drives...", I push the power button again to turn it off, and then power on again, and it properly and successfully boots into windows without a hitch.

What could be the problem? I've tried switching HDD and cable, so I'm quite sure that's not the problem right now. Is it something like the power supply not giving enough juice to the SATA drive at cold boot?

My #1 guess is that it is the motherboard's problem? I have tried updating bios to latest one, which keeps same problem and adds more (fails linx first pass at stock), so I've reverted back to an older one, at least linx passes.

Any ideas? Thanks for the help!


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Nov 16, 2008
I have a board that has the same symptoms as yours and support can only suggest a defective drive controller. Problem is only persistent during boot but once it booted, between 3-5 minutes, everything works fine. Lately my other drive disappears and will reappear after a reboot. It is on its way for an RMA as we speak.

Try to use ASUS support and see if they have any idea about your issue and hopefully get an RMA.


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Jul 5, 2009
Are the cables you're changing twisted up? I would try swtiching your data cables with another(newers none twisted) to see if it makes any differences before you decide to send it off.

Also, I would try changing your PSU and/or CMOS battery to see if there are any differences.

I had pretty much the same issue where when I boot my pc, after it being off for a couple of hours or days, and it hangs for some seconds before it finally detects the drives. Swapping the cables to new one, that came with my newer motherboard, fixed my problem.

Hope all best! :thumb:

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