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Computer Case Suggestions


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Dec 28, 2019

I need help choosing a new computer case. I've watched quite a few of your Youtube videos, but I'm still having trouble deciding.



May 5, 2007
Montreal, Canada
Yeah we need some details on what your requirements are, or at very least what sorts of things you like.

To expand on Bond's Q:
- Large/Medium/Small/SFF: The size of the case is always the first the thing to decide, because it will be determine everything else about the system.
Examples (if you feel like Googling a bit): Large - Corsair 900D, Medium: Fractal Design Meshify C, Small: Coolermaster Masterbox Q300L, SSF (Small form factor): Fractal Design Nano S or Node 202.

Once you decide on what size of case you want, everything else will start to fall into place.


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Jun 5, 2010
One great site is CaseKing. Although it's a German site you can switch (mostly) to English, find case finder (or just use this https://www.caseking.de/en/cases-and-modding/finder/case-finder ) and set parameters like height, etc. Then use US (?) sites for availability & price. Best site I've found for case features search. Was having a hard time narrowing down choices and this saved me considerable time.

Many knowledgeable responses will spit out a go to case, not knowing what you need. Multiple radiators? Still use optical burners? Going for ITX? Quiet vs. cooling ability. I've read & believe it's probably the most personal piece of a build. You're going to stare at the thing daily. Might as well get something you like.

Further, best to know how open you are to longer graphics cards/what other limitations are built into your choices. Personally I like PSU on bottom so skip Antec. I'm an mATX guy so limited options. You can save $ and pickup something used, even mod if need be. But of all the parts the case is probably the last thing you want to switch out so choose wisely. It may be something that's harder to sell later as well.

You can find reviews at the usual sites: Easy to work with, space for cabling (behind the mobo), fit, sharp edges, thickness of panels.

Have fun deciding. HTH.

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