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computer + kitten


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Apr 5, 2007
Annapolis Valley, NS
I just wanted to get an idea of any potential issues arising from a large kitten making contact with the GPUS, and a cpu heatsink, and possibly the mainboard while the system is turned on.

I have a mountain mods horizon case and one of my kittens managed to squeeze through an empty space in the side of the case where a top psu can be mounted. At the time the kitten made contact with the CPU heat-sink while the system was turned on. I noticed the kitten in the case looking up at me behind the windowed panel and I managed to get him out pretty quickly. This occurred last week. The system seemed OK.

Today the kitten bounced off the top of the case and crashed through the top acyrlic windowed panel and onto the gpus. He jumped out the system pretty quickly so I couldnt see where he made contact...seemed to be the gpus.

The system seems OK but is it possible for issues to manifest if there was some shorting at a later date?

I will cat proof the case.


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Aug 21, 2008
Edmonton Area
Perhaps he was overclocking...

Usually if there's an issue from something like that, it would manifest immediately. More likely, the long term effects would be related to cat hair and dander building up in the fan/cooler...

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