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Computer Wont Show on Monitor


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Apr 29, 2009
This isn't an urgent questions I am just wondering so please answer other ppls questions b4 this:

I had an old computer which I didnt want to fix because its outdated...Pentium 4 half a gig of ram etc lol.

I dont know what happend but the guy who made it for me obviously put the shittiest parts in. AGP graphics card wasnt even functioning properly.. i didnt see the fan move at all in it.

Anyways... something went wrong after one time of me opening it and I turned it on , post seemed succesfull because the pc kept running...no beeps. But it wasnt showing on the monitor.

monitor is fine wire is fine.

Now my new build... I placed memory in wrong slots for tripple channel and then same thing, didnt show on screen.

That makes me think... My old pc, maybe something is wrong with the memory right? defective or not inserted properly?

Is that what you think?
What else could be the problem...bad videocard? My motherboard also has another monitor connecter (blue one not the white digital one) and i connected to that but same didnt work.. is there somethingi have to press when booting hte pc to choose that monitor connector?


Sep 2, 2009
Montreal, QC
The memory issue is a known problem with certain X58 motherboards, but I don't recall any P4 motherboards having similar limitations. You could certainly give it a shot though and see if it'll work. Other possible causes are a faulty video card or motherboard.

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