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Computex 2017: The ROG SWIFT PG35VQ


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Feb 26, 2007

The ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ really does represent next generation display design with extreme refresh rates, awesome picture quality, G-SYNC a massive amount of screen real estate and so much more.

In order to understand what the ROG Swift PG35VQ brings to the table, we have to go back to this year’s CES during which ASUS launched the PG27UQ. That monitor was ground breaking for the time since it offered 27” of screen real estate, HDR support, a 4K resolution, 144Hz refresh rate and quantum dot technology. Basically it was the holy grail of PC gaming monitors in a friendly non-curved format. Now with the PG35VQ ASUS is stepping it up even further.

First of all this new monitor is absolutely massive with a 35” wide 21:9 footprint but that doesn’t mean the bezels are large either. Actually if you have the money necessary to put three of these together the experience will be almost seamless. That panel also conforms to the new HDR10 format and utilizes quantum dot technology to broaden the tonal range so it achieves a wide DCI-P3 color space. If you want a super bright monitor ASUS has you covered too since the panel can achieve an insane 1000 nits while black balance is maintained by 512 individual LEDs which offer low-level local dimming.

Actually the most interesting aspect of the PG35VQ is probably its refresh rate of 200Hz. When coupled with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology, it should produce super smooth images without any stuttering or ghosting. Even better is the fact that you won’t need a crazy amount of GPU horsepower to achieve optimal framerates either since the resolution is 3440x1440. Unfortunately while that does make driving this monitor easier, it also leads to much lower pixel density than the 4K 27” PG27UQ we fell in love with at CES.

The last addition is a glowing RGB which can actually be color matched to your main system via the ASUS Aura Sync software provided you have a motherboard which supports it. The effect is pretty stunning to look at but it can also be a bit distracting.

All of this sure sounds outstanding but there’s of course a price attached to all of this technology. While an official price hasn’t been announced yet, with the PG27UQ going for about $1200 USD, I wouldn’t expect this newer ROG Swift to be any less than that. I guess we will all have to find out when the PG35VQ is launched sometime closer to the end of this year.
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