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constant BSOD's during gaming


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Aug 22, 2007
Kensington, PEI
Hey all,

Been self-troubleshooting this one for months now but aren't getting anywhere so figured I'd turn to more computer savvy people for help :)

Getting BSOD crashes typically at least once a day while playing Diablo 3.

Bluescreen view always references the same hal.dll 12a3b and ntoskrnl.exe 18d7d3 on every single crash.

I've updated vid card drivers, updated firmware on the SSD that D3 is installed on, run memtest several times (all no errors), run chkdsk several times on both the SSD and system HD (all clean)

Also ran that Seatest (I think that's what it's called) scan on the hard drives and that came back clean too.

Haven't changed any hardware (other than the SSD about a year ago) or installed any new software over the past year.

I don't have Norton installed anywhere, or any of the other "problem" programs that google search results have listed as possible causes.

I'll attach the dump files when I get home later tonight as I would imagine that those would be needed for troubleshooting, but in the mean time is there anything else anyone else can suggest trying?

System specs all in my profile. System is at stock settings - no overclocking. Doesn't seem to be temperature related as temps are all relatively low when the crashes occur.

Almost at the point where I feel like a complete wipe and reinstall is in order, but I really don't want to have to do that.

Thanks gang :)


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Doesn't seem to be temperature related as temps are all relatively low when the crashes occur.
It's often the unmonitored temps that cause this kind of crash (like vid card vrms). I was getting one earlier this year and was scratching my head until I remembered that I'd dropped my fan speeds down a notch the day before the problems started showing up

If none of your hardware has changed at all, have a good look at your dust filters and make sure all of your case fans are operating properly. It's also a good idea to have a look at your vid card's heatsink/fan and possibly peg the card's fan at 100% just to see if that make the issue go away.

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