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Constant stuttering in all games with high fps and 144hz


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Mar 13, 2018
Hello, I've been struggling with consistent stutter through out the last 1.5 years and with 3 totally different PC builds. Stutters occur in all games more or less. The stuttering makes PUBG almost unplayable even though I have stable 140fps~ all of the time.

Setup :
I7-7700k with Corsair H115i
Asus Z270-A
Gigabyte GTX 1070Ti
Corsair Vengenace DDR4 2x8GB 3200Mhz
Samsung EVO 960 NVMe M.2 500GB

Things I tried :
Reinstalling Windows multiple times and multiple versions (Win7, Win 10 1607, Win10 1703, 1709)
Trying various versions of Nvidia's drivers (at the moment using the newest ones)
Letting Windows 10 automatically install device drivers
Installing all drivers from Asus's page
Overclocking CPU/Overclocking GPU
Using different Nvidia settings
Enabling high-performance plan mode in Windows 10
Trying different monitors, keyboards and mice
Trying different internet providers
Tried disabling various Windows 10 services
Disabled Windows 10 updates and Windows defender
I'm using 144 hz monitor and have stable 100/100 internet with no ping spikes. I have stable fps about 100+ in all the games I play. I don't have FPS spikes or thermal issues. CPU, GPU, memory are properly stress tested and working properly.

I'm using Windows 10 1607 version because on newer versions the stuttering is even worse.

I've pretty much ran out of ideas on what to do.

I've read something about this issue being because of Nvidia's new drivers, but I can't install older drivers than 388.13, because I'm using gtx 1070ti and it just won't let me install older drivers because of system compatibility check, which comes out negative if I try to do that.


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Oct 4, 2013
Arctic Canada
Have you tried a gsync monitor with a frame limiter say 143 Hz I have a old system i7 4960x 4.Asus Titan X Maxwell dell 27" gsync win 7 24gb ram since ram slots died no issues.


Staff member
Feb 7, 2009
Edmonton, AB
This isn't a gsync issue.

A year and a half of the same issue with 3 different builds would direct me to a software issue, or a reoccurring hardware issue. You've said that the cpu/gpu/ram has been tested multiple times, so what hardware makes up these 'new' builds them? If your SSD is the same, or your windows disk is the same, I'd start focusing there.

You need to isolate the cause, and I'm sorry to say, but from what you've told us that isn't the case. 3 builds with a 1070ti? On a 1.5 year problem? Something doesn't add up, and you're doing yourself no favours by telling yourself that you've done everything to figure this out.

If the stuttering is making its way across multiple builds of various hardware there is a common factor causing it. Ram. SSD. Installation CD, driver software. Something is causing this, and if it's reoccurring, it's on your end and probably hardware based that has floated between your '3 totally different' builds. Problems like this don't manifest across totally unique hardware.


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Oct 3, 2007
I also believe software issue . and or if it is an on line game could be combination of software and Internet issues


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May 18, 2011
So a fresh install with no other software other than drivers required for the hardware. Aka vid drivers, chipset drivers (not the entire software suite disk that comes with motherboards)
No advanced networking drivers just the basic nic drivers.
Audio drivers (unless using motherboard sound)
Monitor drivers if required

Go play a game... When I have problems like these I get as simple an install as possible and slowly add stuff until I find the culprit.


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Jun 24, 2009
Nova Scotia
given all the variables you have tried to change I would lean towards a monitor issue. Has it been a constant through all of this?


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Aug 28, 2008
Toronto, On
Do all your stress test, linx, memtest, etc.
Swap your components, see if a friend can help you out.
Reinstalling OS is not a new build.
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