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Completed Cooler Master Devastator II backlight mod + USB hub


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Jun 17, 2015
So, a recent purchase of mine was a Cooler Master Davastator II but a big complaint with it is the fact that they made the Scroll Lock key the backlight toggle. So if you're using softwares that use Scroll Lock (like Excel) this gets annoying VERY fast, also, the backlights have to be toggled every time you restart the computer. At first I used a batch file to activate the Scroll Lock but that didn't feel right.

The first mod I did on the second day was to connect the 5v*supply from*the USB to the positive terminal of the LEDs that make up the backlight (found that mod on GeekHack.org when looking for solutions). BUT after a bit of testing, the LEDs are supplied 3.7v, not 5v, so even if it's a popular mod, IMO it wasn't a good idea. Plus, the backlights were*always on*even when the PC was off (unless you disable "Fast Startup" in Windows 10).

So one day I decided to look at the circuit board and figure out if I could toggle the backlighting any other way. And I did, here's my solution;

I simply removed the connection from the Scroll Lock LED that leads to the transistor and added a jumper from the Num Lock (I kept the resistor and soldiered it to the jumper), so now when Num Lock is on, the backlights are on (I always set my Num Lock on so that was a logical solution for me!!!). So now the backlights always turn off when powering off the PC (Num Lock always turns off) and it turns on by itself when the PC is booting.


While I was at it, I also took some time to sleeve the USB cable since I did cut it off to install a USB hub and a port at the back of the keyboard (it's not perfect but it's at the back, so nobody is gonna see it :biggrin:);

The "warranty void" sticker removed, with the sleeved cable in view;

A video showing the hack works;
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