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Corsair Dominator GT 3x2GB PC3-15000 Triple Channel Memory Review

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Mar 18, 2007
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<p style="text-align: justify;">The world is evolving all around us, and so is DDR3 memory. Taking performance to the next level is one thing, but these new Corsair Dominator-GTs just opened up a whole new door. Thanks to a new Elpida IC, frequencies and timings of DDR3 performance memory will never be the same. When Corsair introduced the Dominator line of memory, performance was the corner stone of the introduction. Specifications that knocked our socks off were what made the brand name what it has become. The Dominator-GT line is simply an evolution of that heritage. Incredible looks, stunning specifications, advanced technology, and over the top performance; that is what the Dominator-GT memory encompasses. This impressive performance isn't going to be all cool showers and rainbows on a hot muggy summer afternoon however.</p><center><img src="http://images.hardwarecanucks.com/image/3oh6/corsair/tr3x6g1866c7gtf/conclusion-1.jpg" alt="Corsair Dominator 3x2GB PC3-15000 C7"></center><p style="text-align: justify;">The obvious drawback of this kit that goes without saying is the price. Finding ICs that run these specifications is not easy and every week it is a battle to get enough good ICs from Elpida to build the three different models offered so far in the Dominator-GT series. This is why the DDR3-1866 kit we looked at today even exists, because it wasn't quite good enough to be a DDR3-2000 kit.

In fact, there are so few kits that even make the grade for the DDR3-1866 modules, that Corsair is having trouble keeping up to demand that these Corsair Dominator-GT modules have created. The DDR3-2000 7-8-7 kit is all but on back order through the spring and getting a hold of a kit is luck of the draw it seems. The DDR-1866 Dominator-GTs are definitely a strong alternative as we found out today and seem to be available for the most part from Corsair when we have checked their online store. The biggest limitation for a lot of Dominator-GT owners is going to be the system running the memory and not the memory itself. This isn't exactly something to complain about and actually quite a nice luxury.

As we have mentioned a few times, the lack of XMP memory profiles by the motherboards tested today is a drawback to memory of this nature as getting up and running at the specified settings will require some work. If there were any company that we would want helping us do that though, it is Corsair. If you absolutely have to have one of the best kits of memory in your system, the Dominator-GTs are it. If you are a benchmarker looking for that "end all-be all" kit of memory for flexibility in benching, the Dominator-GTs are it. Bring your wallets and get in line over at the Corsair store because the Dominator-GTs are about the only option in North America at this time to get into a performance range like this for memory. Because of this reason, we are happy to label the Corsair Dominator-GT 3x2GB DDR3-1866 kit of memory with our Damn Good award. We know the DDR3-2000 kit is better, but there is no denying that even these PC3-15000 modules are in a class of their own and need to be recognized.</p>

  • DDR3-1866 7-8-7 at a Core i7 friendly 1.65v...what more is there to say
  • Superior memory cooling via the Dominator DHX heat sinks
  • Versatility in capable timing sets, this isn't just a one pony show
  • Backed by some of the best support in the business to get you up and running
  • Upgraded cooling fan really pushes a lot of air, a nice improvement over the previous version

  • Price, we just can't avoid the fact that this kit retails for $479USD
  • The slight installation issues that come with Dominator heat sinks in some setups
  • There are the higher binned DDR3-2000 kits that theoretically put a ceiling on clocking the DDR3-1866 kit

<center><img src="http://images.hardwarecanucks.com/image/3oh6/dam_good.jpg" alt="Corsair Dominator 3x2GB PC3-15000 C7"></center>

<p style="text-align: justify;"><center><b><i>We would like to thank Corsair and their wonderful support staff for making this review possible. And invite you to join us in our forums to see further results, discussion, and settings for the Corsair Dominator-GT DDR3-1866 memory.</i></b></center></p>
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