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Corsair HS80 VS Razer Nari Ultimate


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Mar 1, 2023
Hey everyone!

Looking for a new WIRELESS gaming headset and I currently have my eyes on the Corsair HS80 and the old but golf Razer Nari Ultimate. I want your opinion on how they compare primarily regarding SOUND QUALITY. Other aspects, remarks, and other suggestions of course are welcome.

PS: I currently own a Razer Nari Ultimate, but it is kind of banged up so I am looking for a replacement.
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the sound quality, battery life, cushions, build quality, game-chat knob, and retractable microphone.

  • Kind of disappointed with the "haptic feedback" feature since it is a bit too much even on the lowest settings although it is true that it enhances the experience, the fact that they slip towards the back if I lift my head even a little bit (because of the material of the cushions which is otherwise excellent).
Pretty satisfied in general!