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Corsair Katar Gaming Mouse Review


Hardware Canucks Review Editor
Oct 21, 2015
The Corsair Katar ($39) is a mid-priced gaming mouse aimed at the basics of the FPS and MOBA market that does what it says on the box and nothing more. It suits its purpose well with a pleasant form, great build quality, and great sensor.

If you're into Counter-Strike or DOTA 2, could this be your next mouse upgrade? So-called professional gamers would certainly like to convince you this is what they would use and believe it or not, this time they seem to be endorsing a peripheral that could be beneficial. Anyone who needs lightning-quick response times in their games should look no further than the Katar.

<iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/xhBr3FpmW8U?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>​

The build quality of the all-plastic Katar is solid, weighing in at just 85 grams. That's very light, and the mouse is very easy to lift and move. For those who prefer lower DPI settings, this will satisfy your need to cover large movement areas without resistance. The triangular side texture on both sides of the mouse is effectively grippy, and the rubberized plastic on the top should be comfortable for all kinds of grips.

The light weight speaks to the Katar's diminutive size. The mouse is shorter than most of its peers, but our large-handed reviewer didn't find that to be a problem with his hybrid grip. Still, the small stature of the Katar is something to be aware of for those who use a palm grip.


The Katar's button layout speaks to its purpose as an FPS and gaming mouse. The Katar is ambidextrous and lacks side buttons, leaving just the left and right-click and scroll-wheel on top. That's a boon for left-handed gamers, and it means the mouse is comfortable for your ring and pinkie finger on either side.

The two primary buttons have a satisfying and light click, with a moderate amount of travel distance. One great feature is that both buttons have the same level of resistance, which is important for MOBA titles and FPSes where your right click is used just as often as your left.


The scroll wheel has nice texture and response, but it seems to spin a little too easily. We wish the scroll steps were more defined. And unfortunately the Katar shares the unwelcome attribute of many gaming mice in that its middle button is difficult to press, especially when compared to the light clicks of the two primary buttons.

What compounds this error on the Katar is the lack of side buttons, which mean you're going to want to use the existing buttons to their fullest potential. Even worse is the large DPI switch in the middle of the mouse, which is too easy to hit when you're going for that middle click. This is especially important given how many MOBA and FPS players have that middle button bound to grenades or press-to-talk.


The Katar does look great. The simplicity of the design, the two-toned body, and the red-illuminated Corsair logo all give the mouse a coherent feel. The Corsair Sails logo is [a href="http://www.corsair.com/en-ca/blog/2015/june/introducing-the-new-sails-logo"]new this year[/a], and it is a handsome brand for the company's products.

The non-removable cable has a yellow USB tip, a real help for any of those who swap out the various anonymous black USB cables from the back of their computer often. The mouse rides on removable Teflon feet, but like most mice at this price point the Katar does not include spares. The mouse uses an 8,000 DPI red LED sensor, so dark surfaces are recommended.


That sensor, combined with the quick button response and the light-weight body, make the Katar pleasant to use while gaming. While you may miss the side buttons when browsing the web, those who want a mouse designed for fragging will find it satisfactory. The software includes lift-height adjustment, which is a necessity for our reviewer, and configurable DPI settings including those that ape the settings of some professional players.

The Katar is a basic gaming mouse with an excellent sensor, great primary buttons and a comfortable grip. It is let down by the middle button and its oversized and ill-placed DPI sensor. If you want precision and don't need more than two buttons, the Katar will not disappoint. Considering the Katar is aimed at those gamers and comes in at $39, it is one heck of a good value.
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