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Corsair Obsidian 350D mATX Case Review


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Feb 26, 2007
Corsair’s history in the case market started with the Obsidian 800D, a well designed and executed case that took many of their competitors by surprise. Since then, the Obsidian series has continued through a number of iterations, every one of which refined the original’s approach by adapting it for different market conditions. There have been budget-conscious Obsidians and higher end versions that included everything an enthusiast could possibly want alongside new innovations. Now, Corsair is moving their iconic enclosure series towards the mATX form factor, a segment which has been growing at a breakneck pace as of late.

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Due to its compact stature, the 350D is the least expensive case in the Obsidian lineup but that isn’t to say it is exactly cheap by mATX standards. At $109 it is substantially more expensive than some competitors but it does offer a great mix of quality and forward-looking features. Corsair has always stood their ground when it comes to pricing, targeting only those who want that ‘Corsair’ experience and that’s exactly what we get here.


In keeping with the Obsidian tradition, the new 350D looks like a miniaturized version of its massive big brother, the new 900D. There are still the usual elegant, understated good looks, a brushed black exterior and clean lines without any of the plastic add-ons from competing mATX cases.

The 350D manages to meet all of our expectations regarding build quality with brushed aluminum at the front, thick side panels and a solid steel frame. Many will also appreciate an appropriately sized tinted window, giving all users incentive to spend some time on cable management. The integration of quality rubber grommets and an appropriate amount of room behind the motherboard tray will be very much appreciated as well.


Moving on to the interior, Corsair has once again found a way to do nearly everything right. There are new tooless 2.5” drive cages attached in perfect sequence which can house up to three drives. Corsair does recommend using the middle slot as a spacer to allow proper clearance for your SATA and power cables but the separation is still perfect. Two 3.5” drives are installed inside the cage at the bottom, making assembly quick and easy with more than adequate access to the motherboard area.

What makes the 350D unique is the support for dual 240mm/280mm radiators for either the top or the front areas, provided the drive cage is removed. This opens up potential to watercool an entire system inside this mATX chassis. Naturally, Corsair also includes plenty of cable routing options and other features as well.

Check out our full video review above.

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