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Corsair Vengeance C70 Case Review


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Feb 26, 2007
Corsair’s enclosure lineup is certainly impressive with the Carbide, Obsidian and Graphite series all vying for various market and price segments. Many figured these three product stacks and the nearly dozen cases contained therein would be more than enough to satisfy just about anyone but Corsair had some other ideas up their sleeves. Their newly introduced Vengeance line of cases keeps with the gaming-focused direction of the peripherals and PC hardware which carry the same namesake.

The first product within the Vengeance enclosure lineup is the C70, a unique mid tower case that will stand out with its militaristic styling flourishes, heavy duty steel construction and hefty curb weight of over 20 lbs. It even comes in Military Green finish alongside the usual and more typical Arctic White and Gunmetal Black color schemes. Unlike some “gamer grade” products that have targeted this particular niche within the larger gaming market, Corsair is offering the C70 at an accessible $149 price point. Provided someone actually likes the highly divisive styling, they’ll find the C70 to be a capable, well balanced chassis.

From the outside, the Vengeance C70 looks like a plain, unassuming steel box which uses the same cookie-cutter form as countless other cases. However, upon further inspection you quickly realize that Corsair has designed it to look like an oversized ammo crate, an identity which was further played up by our sample’s military green paintjob. The only break in this façade is the large side window which has mounting points for a pair of 120mm intake fans.

Taking a closer look, some will likely think that Corsair’s C70 has looks only a mother could like but we happen to appreciate the direction that’s been taken here. The front panel Power and Reset buttons have received a distinctly militaristic touch with designs that have been ripped out of a missile launch silo. These are rounded out by a pair of handy USB 3.0 ports and the usual mic / headphone jacks.

The C70’s side panel is held in place with an ingenious system of clips which once again replicate the design of an army ammunition box. The top panel meanwhile features a pair of sturdy metal handles that can be used to carry this case from only LAN party to the next. If water is your choice of cooling, Corsair has used this top panel for the integration of mounting holes for a 240mm radiator. Otherwise, two 120mm fans can be installed to further increase air circulation.

Underneath this chassis, Corsair has placed large rubber feet that absorb any excess vibrations and two large removable dust filters.


Popping off the side panel reveals a spacious interior which has enough space for 12” long graphics cards. There is also a large CPU backplate opening, plenty of wiring grommets to ensure a clean installation and tool-less drive brackets. Corsair has included a trio of 120mm fans (two on the front, one on the back) and the option to remove the lower HDD cage for an additional 240mm radiator.


While there may not be all that much to see on the C70’s backside, we do get more than enough space for cable routing.

Corsair has quickly become a household name within the enclosure market and their new Vengeance C70 only reinforces their leadership. Its exterior looks may not appeal to everyone but this chassis will surely stand out a LAN parties and has an affordable price to boot.

Be sure to check out our full review below!

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