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Want to Trade Cosa FS Nostra


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
I want to comment on the FS rules without thread crapping on someone's for sale thread. The FS section of HWC is getting very busy these days and it's become a great resource for members to save and/or make a little money on used stuff --which is very welcome in this expensive 'thing of ours'.

And as someone who was recently ripped off on a FS deal, I really appreciate the Mods' and the members' efforts in upholding the rules of the FS forum. The majority of people selling things here certainly don't need policing because they're honest- but because every once in a while someone floats in looking to rip someone off, we need to uphold the rules. We have recently seen a couple bad deals around here so I'm surprised that there have been objections to the rules by some of HWC's best members.

Mods who give a little warning about a rule are not doing it for our own sake, we're doing it for the safety of buyers- it wouldn't take too many sour deals to turn everyone away from trusting the FS section. It's really boring and unpleasant to have to write "please post pics" over and over and it's just a drag when it's a valuable contributor to the community that we have to warn.

HWC members are a unique breed of mature and honest hardware junkies, which is what I like most about this forum and I say thank you for working to keep buying and selling here as safe as possible and I want to appeal to others to repect the FS rules because if we regulars don't stick to them, noone will. And I would also ask that if you do get a notice of a problem with a FS thread, please don't take it personally.


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Jan 30, 2008
Oakville, ON
Thank you!

Maybe a couple line breaks in that blob of words would make it more readable for those that lose interest really quickly :p.


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Apr 16, 2008
Toronto, Ontario
I 100% concur.
A appreciate, and respect those who uphold and act by our buy/sell rules.
There is no sure fire way to prevent one from getting ripped off other then inaction but we together need to just not do business with those we know are shady, and help protect each other. That's what the rating system here is for. If you have had a bad experience with a member, don't rate positive for fear of being labeled an ass, tell us out about it, because it might save someone else from being ripped off as well.
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