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Could AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Support DDR4?


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Oct 2, 2006

We’ve got a lot to cover today so Let’s jump into it. As you might already know, Future releases of power supplies are going to use a different standard called ATX 3.0. With this new standard a new connector for GPU’s is going to show up. Its a brand new 16 pin power connector that can deliver up to 600W with one bundle of cables.

Then Igor’s lab confirmed that this new AD102 GPU would have a TDP of 600W. As insane as it sounds, i’m not surprised. Ever since the GTX 900 series, every generation after has been consuming more and more power.

At 600W, only one cable would be needed and thats the new 16 pin power connector. Oh… you dont have a power supply with the new connector ? Dont worry, you can probably get an adapter like this one that got leaked this week. Except for 600W you’d need one that takes 4 of these 8 pin connectors. That’s going to look like a mess in the case though.

Moving on let’s talk AMD. Leaker extraordinaire Greymon 55 is back at it again with some juicy leaks. According to his sources, the next generation of Ryzen CPU’s based on Zen 4 would still stick to a maximum of 16 cores. Not only that, but the TDP of the CPU is a lot higher than Zen 3. The 16 core chip would go all the way up to 170W while the 12 core would stick to 105w.

Now if we compare this to the current-gen, all of the high end chips from the 5800X and up have a TDP of 105 watts. Now obviously, that’s the baseline. AMD’s Current 105w CPU’s typically consume around 140W under load.That’s because their package power tracking is set to 142W. If we take this and extrapolate from 170w, then a 16 core Ryzen 7000 CPU could consume up to 230W but, that’s just napkin math.

Oh , and another thing about Zen 4. When it was announced, AMD said that the new platform would support the latest technologies. That’s PCIE gen 5 and DDR5. But they never said that they would abandon older technologies. Take for example the 500 series of motherboards. They were the first to introduce PCIE gen 4, but not all of them did. X570 was all PCIE gen 4, B550 only had the first slot and one NVME at pcie gen 4, and A520 didnt have support at all.

So maybe we’ll see something similar with AM5, but with the memory. That’s because, according to Greymon 55, in the I/O Die, the memory controller of Zen 4 apparently supports both DDR4 and DDR5. Now, we dont know if AMD will actually will support both at some point post launch, but I wouldnt be surprised if a B650 or A620 board popped up with DDR4 support.

Plus, intel will also support DDR4 for their 13th generation of Raptor lake CPU’s, so DDR4 isn’t out the window just yet.