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Want to Sell Cowboy's FS thread!


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Apr 27, 2009
Toronto, ON
Cowboy's FS/WTB thread!

Howdy all! Thanks for popping in, I've got some stuff for sale that hopefully will sell quickly.

Send me offers!

Swiftech mcw30 chipset block Comes with everything, same as retail. Used, briefly. Tried to mount it on my NB... no luck. Asking $OLD shipping.http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/7541/img0259gjt.jpg

100% Cast Lucite Clear Acrylic mATX case, manufactured and customized by Clearpc.ca

I purchased two, one-of-a-kind cases, from clearpc.ca a little over 2 months ago. I recently got them in the mail, and I took to modding one of them and bending it to my will. The other case (the one for sale) is a virgin case, taken only out of its wrapping for pictures and nothing else.

The owner of clearpc has made it clear that he will not make any more of these cases.

Whats so special about it?

The "original" or "vanilla" mATX case fro clearpc.ca is only $80 plus taxes and shipping.

not bad right?

No, except that that case will take a month to make AND only has room for an SFX psu, and only 2 80mm fans! Who can make an enthusiast level build with only an SFX psu (are they even made anymore?) and 80mm fans?? "Not ME!", Your thinking.


HAS room for a STANDARD ATX PSU! (I ordered it that way:biggrin:) AND 2 120mm fans!
All of these mods were done professionally, by the owner of clearpc.ca.
THESE MODS COST ME MONEY, labour + parts and all that.

(along with room for 2 hard drives and a DVD drive).


You can finally make a badass mATX i7 Rig (or any other badass gaming rig), all in a tight looking acrylic case! Sweet!

PICS: (don't drool, it kills keyboards)

Nice huh?
Get to stand out at your next lan party!
ASKING ONLY $120 Shipped! obo


Pm if interested:

samsung 2253bw 1680x1050 2ms 22" -$165
4x 12" UV CC case lights- $5 per pair
Corsair tx850 PSU-$100
1.5tb seagate HDD - $100
2x 120.1 swiftech rads (1 of them has built in 3/8" barbs)- $25 each
2x 120.2 swiftech rads - $35 each
Swiftech apogee gtz waterblock with s939/am2/am2+/am3 mounts - $50
Swiftech mcp355 pump w/ xspc top -$100
30 ft (continuous) + 20ft (cut up) 3/8" UV green PrimoChill tubing- $20
Fittings (3/8" for everything above) - $20 for all of 'em
Get all my watercooling gear for $300 shipped&Insured.
Physically broken skullcandy G.I headpones (Lifetime warranty, all it needs in an RMA and time) -$20, retails for over 80

Ask questions in the thread or send 'em via PM. No thread crapping please.
Will deal locally, will combine items in the same shipping box if you buy more than one thing, and I will entertain reasonable offers. Take note that I think the prices are fair, if you think otherwise, send a PM and I'll listen.

Prices do not include shipping unless specified.


Interesting trades... I LOVE TRADES
27"+ size monitors/HDTV (1920x1080 or higher resolution) [30" preferred]
PCI-E graphics card
Modular PSU
Swiftech apogee drive or similar cpu block with built in pump combo.
That is all.

Let me know if you have something interesting up for trade, I might go for it.

Keep in mind I no longer accept paypal because of their :censored: stupid fees.
EMT, cash, certified cheque, cheque (once it clears, I ship), money orders ONLY.
PM ME if you have an alternate payment method.

Also PM me if you absolutely MUST use paypal.
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Apr 27, 2009
Toronto, ON
Back to the first page with you!

No one wants any of this stuff? Talk to me. Don't make me give it to homeless people.

I'm genuinely surprised that not even ONE person has replied. Not even a mod telling me I'm breaking the rules :rtfm:...

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