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Cryorig R1 ultimate on z270i/z370i strix?


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Mar 18, 2018
These two motherboards have the same annoying strix labeled heat sinks to the left of the CPU socket. I want to know if the cryorig R1 ultimate will fit on either of this itx boards. No one on pcparkpicker has done it, and there are only two threads with no real answers. Cryorig also hasn't responded to me over a week. I know it fits on the z170i because of its smaller heatsink, but I would prefer to buy the z270i instead. The z370i just has the same shape of board as the z270i.

Has anyone done this or have a board they can test for me? Cryorig has a cutout that can be printed out to simulate the heat sink's physical space if you have a spare board.


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