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Cyborg Gaming R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse Review

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FiXT (Keeton Grant)

The gaming peripheral market may be a cluttered space but truly innovative solutions seem to be hard to come by. Some companies have gone the old-school route by releasing gamepads for games like Street Fighter while others take nothing but tentative steps towards innovation. However, there really hasn’t been much forward movement in this sector since most customers are more than happy enough with slight modifications to ages-old designs. That’s all about to change.

While a mouse is usually a mouse and a keyboard a keyboard, the main problem is that many people won’t know if a peripheral really meets their needs (or playing style for that matter) until they break open the packaging and use it. When it comes to mice, there has historically been very few options for actual customization other than adding or removing weight.

Back before this year’s Computex, we first laid eyes on a new product from Saitek’s Cyborg Gaming subsidiary with a somewhat unfortunate name: the R.A.T. It was everything most other mice weren’t: infinitely adaptable, highly adjustable and customizable to your needs. We needed to check it out and after thoroughly testing it, we're sure you'll be as excited about it as we were.

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The claims Cyborg Gaming made about their product seemed totally overblown but after using the R.A.T 7, we can honestly say we’re impressed. Granted, most people will likely have a “set it and forget it” mentality when it comes to the RAT’s countless adjustments but that's the whole point of this mouse: customize it perfectly to you needs and then reap the benefits. Comparing it to the vast majority of other mice on the market is like pitting a perfectly tailored Armani suit against an off the shelf Wal Mart blazer with baggy arms – there really is no comparison. And at $99, the R.A.T 7 really isn’t all that expensive for a product with its feature set.

Some people swear by their Logitech G-series or Microsoft Sidewinder mice but we feel the R.A.T’s adjustability coupled with its excellent software and ergonomic design gives it an edge over the best this market has to offer. It may not look pretty or have a badass name but it sure as heck gets the job done. As such, the Cyborg Gaming R.A.T 7 wins our Dam Good and Dam Innovative awards. We just wish it allowed for conversion into a left-handed version.


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