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Deepcool Working on Behemoth CPU Cooler named "Assassin"


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May 9, 2011
Cylon Occupied Caprica
Deepcool Industries, a Beijing based manufacturer of cooling components, unveiled today their new dual-tower CPU cooler named "Assassin". While Deepcool has yet to announce a price or release date they did confirm that this beast of a cooler contains eight 6mm copper heatpipes, a 120mm push fan, a140mm pull fan, and the option for a third fan if th... [ Read full article ]


Great stuff! The Alpenföhn K2 is not even being retailed yet, & the Chinese already copied it..


They have more identical products if you take a look... it was probably designed somewhere else but manufactured in China... almost everything is... Alpenföhn could just be using DeepCool's products under their own brand with a few aesthetic changes to differentiate themselves and claiming them as their own. Or they could be the same company.

None of that matters, anyhow. All that matters is how well they perform, pricing and availability. I just bought the Noctua D14 last night for $55 from NCIX (PM'd it for $5 less than their surprise sale price...) Hopefully these coolers perform just as well to give the consumer more options. I wonder if Noctua is going to have anything new on display at Computex... perhaps that's why NCIX is trying to clear em' out.