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Delete duplicate entries in Outlook Calendar


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Feb 5, 2010
Hey, the titles says it all, I need to delete duplicate entries in Outlook 2007 (in an Outlook calendar). I'm not doing it manually cause the user got something like... 2000 entries or so. (so where talking of about 8000 with the duplicated ones.) cause there are also entries that got a prefix added to those.

So to make it simple -.-, each entry is getting splited in four.
copy of Entry"a"
Copy of Entry"a"

This is probably due to how the backup got restored..

Up to now I only found one solution : Odir. (Outlook duplicates items remover). But it actually didn't do anything.. it scanned the whole calendar, and didn't delete the duplicate entries.

Anyone got this to work or got another solutions to this (very) problem? (The calendar looks f'ing messy at the moment... (I'dd like to keep it free -.-)

Huge thanks to any suggestions -.-