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Dell Poweredge t320 aftermarket PSU

Feb 9, 2019
Hey, at work (and home) I have a few dell poweredge t320s with dead power supplies, they're propietary server PSUs (Dell DF83C non-redunant) and replacements cost 400 dollars, for 350w. Which wasnt enough to begin with

So I was wondering if anyone has ever managed to install an after market, standard atx PSU into one of these.

The 3 impoirtant connectors appear to be...

1x 24 (?) pin connector, unless I counted wrong. My eyes are bad.

2x 8 pin connectors, which I think are for the CPU(s)..

So I guess a regular psu might fit? not sure, but would it work? anyone know? maybe my search engine is bugging out but I literally cannot find much info on this PSU

Some information regarding the hardware in question:
- Dell Poweredge T320
- Dell DF83C PowerEdge T320 Server 350W Non Redundant PSU Power Supply Unit

Edit, I have some info.
dell psu's rails and ampage compaired to a conventional PSU:
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