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Work in progress Delta - Ryzen ITX Gamer


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
The H55 will not work either. While it Will reach just fine with it's pipes, they will have to be bent too drastically to be safe. Even mocking up the AIO made me nervous about kinking the tubes. So...

Back to the drawing board, ish. One of the very few Air coolers that Asrock list as compatible with the mobo is the Silverstone NT06 pro. I'm going to double-check the measurements and order it tomorrow, tonight I'm too bummed. If it will fit, then i need to find a place to mod the ultra-thick side panels for the case, for airflow. I need to make an air vent directly over the board. But, I'm not certain it's even possible for me to do it myself... The steel is just that super thick, and since I'm pretty sure the paint is paint and not anodized, a mess up will mean paint chipping and a disaster. Gotta tread carefully.

This is going to be a long build to complete...
There's a new noctua cooler coming on the market... Might be worth a look...