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Diablo 3


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
I have buy DIII last week , so far i love it. One thing stupid, first time i play i got connected to a server in Europe and now i can't switch my man on a american server......boooo
Might as well make the switch now before you've got too much time invested. At the very least you'll have a character to play when/if they're doing maintenance on the NA servers, just make sure you don't try to use the RMAH on the euro servers or your account might get locked.

As far as the current state of the game goes..... it's improved a hell of a lot since the release, and while it's not perfect, sticking to minimal use of AH/RMAH and crafting now provides a reasonably good time sink. OTOH, liberal use of the AH will quickly fill up your upgrade path and render replayability pretty much nil.


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Nov 14, 2008
Tillsonburg, Ontario
I was really enjoying this again the past 2 weeks until 3 days ago I got scammed hardcore :( I thought the guy was a mod on a twitch stream (even the mod said so or so I thought but I had to read a few lines up I guess)

Anyway got scammed of all my gear and the guy that robbed me even changed his bnet tag lol.

check it all out here I lost 16 gems totaling over 320MIL, + all the gear www. tdkhosting .com (just take out the spaces)

I'm quite upset about it dunno what I'm gonna do now if I'm going to rebuild (used the crap gear I had in stash for now but nothing compared to what I had!) or just quit and try to sell the account!

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