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DirectCanada ?


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Nov 26, 2009
Stay away from DirectCanada. Ordered a hard drive and when I got it the drive was making loud seeking sounds even when the SATA data cable was disconnected. Had to pay for shipping and was assessed a 15% restocking fee even though manufacturer's support dept indicated that the drive should not be doing that. Multiple emails to RMA dept asking why I was assessed a restocking fee went unanswered. They are owned by NCIX. From now on buying product locally.


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Oct 3, 2008
Sunshine coast, BC
I've had good luck phoning dc, last week I called them up, on hold maybe 4 min, the rep took the info to find an old invoice from March 2008 for a buffalo ram rma, the next day I got a copy by email, good job DC.

All places have there faults even NCIX, ncix stiffed me on a dsl phone jack filter once and after contacting cs twice I never got it, I was charged but it never matirialized.

Lately ncix backorder has been awful, been waiting for a 32GB sdhc for a while now, close to a month.

Ps, generally I PM direct canada and best direct at ncix all the same warehouse/company afaik.
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